Collage Party at Winnipeg New Music Festival


Paul Butler
Centennial Concert Hall Lobby

The Collage Party Pavilion is an interactive, sculpture designed to accommodate The Collage Party – a nomadic, collective studio where Winnipeg artist Paul Butler invites the public to collage along side each other in a social setting. Since 1997, The Collage Party has travelled all over Canada, the United States and Europe and has been staged in a range of venues including museums, universities, elementary schools, galleries, department stores and centres for artists with mental and physical disabilities. Conceived by Butler and designed by Craig Alun Smith, the Collage Party Pavilion is equipped with everything required for the production and exhibition of collage. For the New Music Festival, Butler will provide vintage record sleeves along with a spectrum of magazines for participants to create fantasy album covers from. Considered multi-disciplinary, Paul Butler’s practice is focused around community, collaboration and artist-run activity. He has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; White Columns, New York City; Creative Growth Art Centre, Oakland; and La Maison Rouge, Paris.


(Re)Imagining Regionalism

REimagining Regionalism

Contribution to (Re)Imagining Regionalism

(Re)imaging Regionalism seeks to examine the Regionalist movement in London during the 1960s – which was predominantly characterized by Greg Curnoe and Jack Chambers – in a new light. As a major event in London’s cultural history, Regionalism is often celebrated as a galvanizing force for the city’s creative sector. It focused attention on what it means to make art in a specific time and place.

A full list of contributors to (Re)imagining Regionalism is as follows: D. M. R. Bentley, Paul Butler, Joel Faflak, Robert Fones, Sky Glabush, Sky Goodden, Jason Hallows, Patrick Howlett, Madeline Lennon, Lucy Lippard, Patrick Mahon, Jason McLean, Robert McKaskell, Kim Neudorf, Judith Rodger and Ross Woodman.

Artist Paul Butler Steps Down as WAG Curator


POSTED: JULY 22, 2014

Paul Butler, curator of contemporary art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, has decided to step down from his post after 16 months on the job.

“I realized that I’m an artist who sometimes curates, and not an institutional curator,” Butler tells Canadian Art. He took up the position in April 2013 and his last day there will be August 22, 2014.

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Collage Party 2: Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, CA

The Collage Party 2
with Artist and Curator Paul Butler

September 5 – October 4, 2014

Close out your summer with Creative Growth and join us for a reprisal of 2007’s The Collage PartyThe Collage Party 2! In the spirit of creative exchange and community, the very event that brought together practicing artists, non-professionals, and everyone in between makes an encore performance as the finale to our 40th anniversary exhibition series.

Orchestrating this creative ‘sanctuary’ for the second time at Creative Growth, Winnipeg artist and curator Paul Butler returns for a weeklong event featuring a constantly rotating group of artists. Come partake in this collective ‘cut-and-paste’ that not only brings elements together in a physical sense, but also blends people—untrained, self-taught, and contemporary artists alike—in one big social mesh of creativity.

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Publication: Fantasy Art Now


Fantasy Art Now

Swimmers Group Toronto Canada
74 pp.
21.59 x 13.97 x .635 cm.
.08 Kg

Utopia is unsettling. Equality will never exist but, as great humans, we can try sometimes, or think about occasionally it after work. Are ideas a commodity? We think so. What if ideas were free? Letting go of authorship is renewing a sense of freedom, encouraged by spiritual practitioners. It feels good.

This anthology gives away ideas that aren’t being used by people who think of ideas all the time. Everything within this book is public domain. You are encouraged, if you have the desire and resources, to pursue any of the ideas presented here.

Edited by Sebastian Frye and Jay Issac.


Abby McGuane
Olivia Dunbar
Julian Hou & Tiziana La Melia
Brad Phillips
Brad Tinmouth
Patrick Howlett
Robin Fry
CN Tower Liquidation
Deirde McAdams
Jessica Groome
Eli Langer
Geoffrey Farmer
Lex Vaughn
Jason McLean
Lili Huston-Herterich
Life of a Craphead
Corwyn Lund
Mark Soo
Sandra Meigs
Sojourner Truth-Parsons
Paul Butler
Jessica Williams
Robert Dayton
Zeesy Powers
Parker Branch
Zoe Barcza