Collage Party 2: Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, CA

The Collage Party 2
with Artist and Curator Paul Butler

September 5 – October 4, 2014

Close out your summer with Creative Growth and join us for a reprisal of 2007’s The Collage PartyThe Collage Party 2! In the spirit of creative exchange and community, the very event that brought together practicing artists, non-professionals, and everyone in between makes an encore performance as the finale to our 40th anniversary exhibition series.

Orchestrating this creative ‘sanctuary’ for the second time at Creative Growth, Winnipeg artist and curator Paul Butler returns for a weeklong event featuring a constantly rotating group of artists. Come partake in this collective ‘cut-and-paste’ that not only brings elements together in a physical sense, but also blends people—untrained, self-taught, and contemporary artists alike—in one big social mesh of creativity.

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