b. 1973, Winnipeg, Canada


2013, Concordia University, Montreal, completed 1 year towards MFA
1997, Alberta College of Art, Diploma in Fine Arts (Drawing)
1993, University of Manitoba, Two-years towards Fine Arts Degree

Exhibitions (select)

2017, ‘The Collage Party’, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong, (solo)
2017, ‘Art Ads’, Gallerie Division, Montreal, (solo)
2016, ‘Don’t Look a Gift Horse…’, Division Gallery Pop-Up, Los Angeles, (group)
2016, ‘The Collage Party’, Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, BC, (solo)
2016, ‘Semiotics Aside / The Collage Party’ Division Gallery, Toronto, (solo)
2016, ‘The Long Weekend – Coming Attractions’ TIFF Bell Lightbox for Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, Toronto, (collective)
2015, ‘Words Fall Short’, LKA+P, Winnipeg (solo)
2015, ‘The Collage Party’, Winnipeg New Music Festival, Winnipeg (group)
2015, ‘The Collage Party’, Graffiti Art Gallery, Winnipeg (solo)
2015, ‘You Won’t Believe’, Gallerie Division, Montreal (group)
2014, ‘Still Active’, Division Gallery, Toronto, (solo)
2014, ‘New Work’, Gallerie Division, Montreal, (solo)
2014, ‘The Collage Party’, Creative Growth, Oakland, CA, (solo)
2014, ‘Le Mur’, la maison rouge, Paris, (group)
2014, ‘Actual Artists’, Actual Gallery, Winnipeg, (group)
2014, ‘Collage: Gesture and Fragments’, Musee d’art Contemporain, Montreal, (group)
2012, ‘Winnipeg Now’, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, (group)
2011, ‘My Winnipeg”, la maison rouge, Paris, (group)
2011, ‘What’s Within’, Parisian Laundry, Montreal, (solo)
2011, ‘The Greg Curnoe Project’, AGO, Toronto (solo)
2011, ‘Selections and Departures’, Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto, (solo)
2011, ‘The Collage Party’, NUNA (now), Reykjavik, Iceland, (solo)
2009, ‘The Collage Party’, Context Gallery, Derry, Ireland, (solo)
2009, ‘Under the Knife’, The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA, (group)
2009, ’21 Dreams’, Gallery on Old Bailey, Hong Kong, China, (group)
2009, ‘Communication Breakdown’ Edlin Gallery, NYC, NY, (group)
2009, ‘Communication Breakdown’ Galerie Impaire, Paris, France, (group)
2008, ‘The Art of Hockey’, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax,
2008, ‘The Collage Party’, JMB Gallery, Hart House, University of Toronto, (solo)
2008, ‘Interventions’, MKG127, Toronto, November (solo)
2008, ‘The Collage Party’, Art City, Winnipeg, (solo)
2008, ‘Everybody’, Bank, Los Angeles, May (solo)
2007, ‘The Collage Party’, Creative Growth, Oakland, USA, (solo)
2006, ‘The Collage Party’, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, Toronto, (solo)
2006, ‘The Collage Party’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, USA, (solo)
2006, ‘The Collage Party’, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, (solo)
2006, ‘The Collage Party’, University of Dundee, Scotland, (solo)
2006, ‘The Collage Party’, Zieher Smith, New York, USA, (solo)
2006, ‘White Room’, White Columns, NYC, (solo)
2006, ‘Getting There is Half the Fun’, Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, (solo)
2006, ‘25 x 25’ (curated by M. Higgs & A. Scally), Cereal Art, Philadelphia, USA, (group)
2006, ‘Art on Paper’, (curated by X. Edan) Weatherspoon Art Museum, USA, (group)
2005, ‘Bit by Bit’ (curated by J. Papararo), CAG, Vancouver, (group)
2004, ‘The Collage Party’, Bergdorf Goodman, New York, USA, (solo)
2004, ‘The Collage Party’, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin, Germany, (solo)
2003, ‘The Collage Party’, Oslo Open, Oslo, Norway, (solo)
2003, ‘My Mad Skillz’, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, (solo)
2003, ‘Water Project” (curated by C. Singh), MOCCA, Toronto, (group)
2002, ‘The Collage Party’, Goldsmiths College, London, UK, (solo)
2002, ‘The Collage Party’, The Plug In, Winnipeg, MB, (solo)
1999, ‘Sit(E)ings: Trajectories for a Future, (curated by S. Madill), WAG, Winnipeg, (group)
1999, ‘Draw, Stranger’ (curated by W. Baerwaldt), Plug In, Winnipeg, (group)

Work Experience

2017 – present, Director, Edition Toronto
2014, Curator, The Litte Red Art Gallery Winnipeg, MB
2013 – 2014, Curator of Contemporary Art, The Winnipeg Art Gallery,
2001 – 2011, Director, The Other Gallery,
2007 – 2011, “”, online artist trading site
2008, Guest Faculty, The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta,

Community Involvement (select)

2014, The Hnatyshyn Foundation and TD Bank Group Award for Emerging Curator of Contemporary Canadian Art
2014, Juror, Joseph Plaskett Foundation Award
2014, Juror, Sobey Art Award
2014, Juror, Junos – Canada’s Music Awards, Record Packaging of the Year
2011 – 2012, Board of Directors, The Power Plant, Toronto
1999 – 2009, Board of Directors, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg
2009, Juror, Bank of Montreal 1st Art
2008 – 2011, Art Hop Committee, Canadian Art Foundation, Toronto
2007, Juror, Royal Bank Painting Competition, Toronto
2005, Juror, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg

Writings / Public Presentations

2014, ‘Looking Up’, exhibition catalogue, WAG Publications, (writing)
2014, ‘In Conversation: Andrew Hunter and Paul Butler’, co-presented by the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and Drake Hotel (lecture)
2011, ‘The Greg Curnoe Bike Project’, BorderCrossings Magazine, issue 120 (writing)
2010, ‘Revisioning The Visual Arts Colloquium’, CAMDO, Kingston (lecture)
2010, ‘Guy Maddin’, Bad Day, issue 7, (writing)
2008, ‘Richard Williams’, Hunter + Cook, #3, (writing)
2008, ‘Decentre: Concerning Artist Run Culture’, YYZ, (writing)
2008, ‘Reverse Pedagogy’, Canadian Art, (writing)
2008, ‘Art Tomorrow Conference’, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, (lecture)
2008, ‘Hot Buttons/Points Chaudes’, ARCCO, Ottawa, (lecture)


The Art Gallery of Ontario; TD Bank, Bank of Montreal; Royal Bank of Canada; Gallery One One One, University of Manitoba; The Winnipeg Art Gallery; Morris and Helin Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia; Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; Art Bank

Awards/ Fellowships

2012/23, Dale and Nick Tedeschi Studio Arts Fellowship, Concordia
2012/13, Faculty of Fine Arts Fellowship, Concordia
2012, 2009, 2008 & 2004, Sobey Art Award, long-list nominee

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