The Long Weekend – Art Toronto

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Presented by: Art Toronto and Lisa Kehler Art + Projects
Location: South Café (P01)

Using the concept and infrastructure of Paul Butler’s beloved Collage Party, The Long Weekend is a collective of Winnipeg artists, filmmakers and designers who, over the course of a month, produced a series of fantastical collage-based movie posters in an effort to produce a Utopian alternate history of 20th century cinema.

This re-imagined hundred years of movie-making responds not to the commercial concerns typically associated with moviemaking, but to a purity of intention untroubled by material ambition and the established patriarchy. The Long Weekend collective knows that this virtually inconceivable scenario could only have arisen from extraordinary circumstances, possibly a brain parasite afflicting a generation of studio executives, leading to production choices wildly at odds with reality.

The Long Weekend project, to which collage is central, is itself a collage made from Butler’s Collage Party; Guy Maddin’s lost-film resuscitation projects Hauntings and Seances; Galen Johnson’s wizardly digital image remediations; and the talent for montage shared by the entire group. The movie posters produced by this collective are flashbulb glimpses into a cinematic history that might never have been (and indeed, never might have been), but would have made the world a jollier place if it had.